Unity’s new site and ‘crack the code’

Welcome to Unity’s new website, we hope you like it!
It’s been a long time coming but we are extremely pleased to finally be able to share it with you! That said, we won’t be stopping here as we intend to keep growing the usefulness and functionality of the site over time.

To welcome everybody to the new site we will be running a small competition which we have dubbed ‘Crack the Code’. After all, who doesn’t love a free chance to win some vouchers?




1. Find the 5 shapes hidden across the site which include the following:

a Star
a Diamond
a Heart
a Club
a Spade

2. For each shape there will be an associated corresponding random letter to determine. Once you have all 5 letters you will need to rearrange them to find the hidden code.


3. Once you have the code head over to our promotions page and submit the form to enter.

Notes: Keep an eye out on our social media platforms as we may publish clues to help you find them along the way.


Hint: The shapes are not necessarily the same size and colour, and even when you find the shape the corresponding ‘letter’ may still not immediately be obvious and it may still require a little more thinking/searching still to find it
Hint: At most, all of the icons can be found within two clicks regardless of your starting point on the site
Hint: There are no ‘hidden’ pages or icons. Even though some are harder to find than others none of the icons are out of plain view (as in white icon on white background)
Hint: The icons can all be found within one of our ‘main pages’, all of which are accessible from the site’s primary header and header menu
Hint: Looking will be better than reading, as in, you don’t need to read the site word for word and comb all of the text. Especially not the Privacy Policy (unless you want to).
Hint: The ‘Star’ for this competition has nothing to do with our Google Reviews

Updated hints Thu 20th June:

Hint: all of the shapes are either black or white
Hint: all 5 icons are hidden on different pages
Hint: all 5 icons are hidden within the main header or main menu pages: specifically this means the ‘request a quote’ page or any of the main header pages (excluding this page and any of the Info dropdown pages)
Hint (diamond, heart & spade): clicking onto a webpage will not be enough to find 2 or maybe 3 of the clues. You may need to zoom in slightly or click on something else within the webpage for the icon to become visible / fully visible
Hint (star): if you found the star but can’t figure out the letter associated with it try clicking or hovering over the star and then look around nearby to see what else reacts in the same way
Hint (diamond): the diamond has been edited slightly to make it a little more distinctive and easier to find, as we thought it was possibly the hardest one to spot. The hint we published yesterday on our social media platforms was to help people find the diamond.


Dates for entry: The competition will run until midnight on Friday 28th June 2024.
Submission Guidelines: All entries must be submitted via the designated platform. Late or incomplete or incorrect entries will not be considered. Only one entry is permitted per person.
Eligibility: To qualify you must be part of at least one ‘Unity Community’ (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn), your profile must be +6 months old and you must have liked and publicly shared at least one our official launch posts which will be published on each of the ‘Unity Communities’ on Monday 17th June 2024. The links to our social profiles can be found further down the webpage.
Privacy: Personal information collected from participants entering ‘Crack the Code’ will be used solely for the purposes of administering the competition and will not be shared with third parties without the participant’s consent, except as required by law. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.
Disclaimer: Unity Logistics is not responsible for any technical issues, including but not limited to server errors, internet disruptions, or hardware/software failures that may prevent or disrupt participation in the competition. Unity Logistics also reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the competition at any time without prior notice. Any changes to the competition will be communicated to participants as soon as possible.
Disqualification: Unity Logistics reserves the right to disqualify any participant who violates these terms and conditions or engages in any behaviour that is deemed inappropriate or harmful to the integrity of the competition
How are the winners determined? Entrants who meet all of the criteria and successfully identify the correct solution will be entered into a ‘hat’ and the winners will be determined by a random generator (the first entry drawn will be first place, the second entry drawn will be second place and so on). A successful entrant is only eligible to win one prize.
How and when will winners be notified and results announced? Winners will be contacted directly and general announcements will be made on our social media channels w/c 1st July 2024.
Prizes: 1st place = £100 Amazon UK voucher, 2nd place = £50 Amazon UK voucher, 3rd place = £25 Amazon UK voucher, 4th place = £15 Amazon UK voucher, 5th place = £10 Amazon UK voucher, 6th to 15th place = £5 Amazon UK voucher
Acceptance of Terms: By entering the competition, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the decisions of Unity Logistics, which are final and binding in all respects.

We would also be extremely grateful for any general feedback or suggestions you may have!

Good luck from the Unity team!

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