Basic assumptions unless otherwise advised:
Goods can be considered general cargo that is new and unused, stackable in nature, and generally unrestricted for transportation or customs purposes
There is no specific timing, access, or loading or unloading restrictions or requirements
Sender and receiver can provide all documentation that are required to ship and customs clear the goods in a timely manner

Examples of items we do not ship include but are not limited to the following:
Arms and Weapons (such as weapons and ammunitions, explosives)
Alcohol, tobacco and narcotics (such as tobacco and tobacco products, spirits, illegal drugs and narcotics)
Human, animals and plants (such as human remains or ashes, living or dead animals, clinical or biological samples, animal skins or furs and ivory, plants, flowers, seeds and endangered species)
Money and valuables (such as currency in all forms including negotiable items, valuables, pictures and antiques, precious stones and jewellery)
Other (such as counterfeit goods, illegal goods, pornographic materials and radioactive materials)

Examples of items we may decline to quote for shipping due to their restrictive nature, subject to circumstance and requirements:
Certain foodstuffs (such as coffee, spices and high-risk foodstuffs which include nuts, milk, egg etc)
Organic products (such as Products Of Animal Origin or POAO)
Other (such as certain types of waste)

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